There is a place where your generosity can make a difference; when you can touch individual lives and make a lasting contribution to the healthcare community.


Sakakawea Medical Center Foundation was formed to help provide the philanthropic and community resources needed to improve the health and welfare of residents in our service area.

Our primary focus is to provide needed technological and facility advancements, allowing access to high quality, yet affordable, healthcare near our homes and businesses.

Our secondary focus is to provide funding for further education of our healthcare professionals. We are committed to providing community health education and preventive medicine programs.


Contributions to the SMC Foundation are an investment in the future of healthcare in the Mercer County area. Donations provide the resources necessary to provide quality health care close to home, now and for our future. By planning for our future healthcare needs today, we are establishing a foundation in healthcare delivery that will serve many generations to come.

SMC Foundation maintains status as a non-profit organization, meaning that all donations are fully tax deductible. If you have any questions regarding the tax benefits of donating, please feel free to contact the Foundation Office.

Funding Opportunities

General Fund

This is the primary fund within the Foundation. Donations to the General Fund are used where needed most for a variety of special projects including technological advancements and facility updates.

Breast Cancer

Donations to this fund help support SMC’s contributions to breast cancer awareness and allow the hospital to hold its annual mammography events which encourage early detection of breast cancer.


This fund is used for general Hospice needs and to help cover expenses for care that are not covered by insurance and for patients that are uninsured.

Senior Suites

Funding given to Senior Suites is used to provide staff the resources needed to care for residents of our Senior Suites basic care facility. In addition, funds may be used for major or minor improvement projects that benefit residents.

Board of Directors

  • Christie Huber Obenauer President
  • Mark Kaffar Vice-President
  • Sheila Hildebrand Secretary
  • Dan Pillar Director
  • Danny Hillerud Director
  • Renae Snyder Treasurer
  • Phillip Voeller Director
  • Melissa Dillman CFO Sakakawea Medical Center, Employee Designee

Make a Donation

You can donate online with a credit card or by printing off the donation form.

2021-2022 Annual Fund Drive and Printable Donation Form

If you have questions about your donation, or to learn more about the SMC Foundation, please call the Foundation Office.


The Sakakawea Medical Center Foundation Annual Tax Return for the previous fiscal year is available for review by request at the Foundation Office located at 510 8th Ave NE, Hazen, North Dakota