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SMC Rehab Offers Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

SMC Rehab offers an innovative therapy that helps with the development of muscle strength for a variety of patients. Steve Ziegler, PT, DPT, is certified to offer Blood Flow Restriction Therapy which is often used on patients prior to or following surgery in their extremities. Research has proven that BFRT can minimize loss of muscle mass, decrease bone healing time, and allow patients to improve muscle size and strength. BFRT is also a great option for patients with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteopenia, or osteoporosis.

During BFRT, a patient works out while wearing a pressure tourniquet. The tourniquet partially restricts venous blood flow, but not arterial inflow to the extremity. This produces a response similar to heavy weight training. Doing the same exercise repeatedly while wearing pressure tourniquets and using light weights offers the same benefits of heavy lifting without the unnecessary and potentially dangerous stress to tissues that may be healing from a recent injury or surgery.

Benefits of BFR Therapy:

  • Diminish loss of strength from disuse after injuries or surgery
  • Increase strength with lighter loads
  • Improve muscle endurance in one-third the time
  • Improve muscle protein synthesis in the elderly
  • Improve muscle activation
  • Increase growth hormone responses
  • Decreased post-operative pain and atrophy when used prior to surgery

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