Sakakawea Medical Center

Regions Hospital partners with Sakakawea Medical Center to treat burn patients

Feb 06, 2018 | Tags: Regions Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota, partnership, telemedicine, services, burns, frostbite

Agreement in place to help care for patients with burn or frostbite injuries

We are excited to announce a partnership between Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota and Sakakawea Medical center in Hazen, North Dakota. The agreement will provide telemedicine services to help care for patients who have burn or frostbite injuries.

Despite being more than 500 miles apart, telemedicine technology will allow providers from Sakakawea Medical Center to collaborate via video with burn surgeons and specialists at Regions. This will ensure that patients get the best care possible. Having immediate access to a burn specialist, who care for these types of injuries every day, will ensure a high-level of care. In addition, consultation can also prevent the need to transfer patients to the St. Paul if the injury can be treated in Hazen.

We are also excited for future partnership opportunities including access to the burn psychotherapist via video and access for outpatient follow up appointments.