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Comprehensive wellness to change human behavior.

The best programs measure health conditions and interests, help people set goals, train them in the skills they need to improve health practices and provide opportunities to maintain those behaviors. SMC has developed a menu of services that can be offered depending on individual, group or corporate need.

Individual or Family Coaching

Wellness is closely linked to a person's lifestyle and the choices that they make. Lifestyle and choices have been found to be the most important factor in determining one's overall health. It's important for individuals to be educated about health and take charge of their life as-well-as have healthy lifestyle related goals.

SMC's Certified Wellness Consultant will help you with

Together a unique plan will be developed with achievable, healthy lifestyle goals. SMC's Wellness Consultant can also work with the client's healthcare provider which is key as decisions are being made.

Group Education and Presentations

Presentation offered by the SMC Certified Wellness Consultant

Corporate Wellness Programs — Let us help bring wellness to your business!

Why Worksite Wellness?

Employers are in an ideal position to influence health decisions. Through a Worksite Wellness Program, you can help employees become more aware of their current health status and actively take steps to maintain or improve it so that they can lead healthier and more productive lives. This will improve employee performance.

Services SMC Worksite Wellness can offer your company include

Benefits of Worksite Wellness for your Business