Swing Bed

Participating in your care

The program provides temporary nursing home care in a hospital setting for a variety of patients who need this care. Examples of people who may benefit from this include patients transferred from another hospital to the Swing Bed program to complete their recovery, patients who have been hospitalized and need any additional time to receive physical therapy or other treatment before they are discharged, and persons requiring care until a nursing home bed is available. Swing Beds also can provide relief to persons who are caring for a family member at home.

What services are offered?

  • Social Worker
  • Activities directed by trained activity personnel
  • 24 hour nursing care
  • Church services and counseling by local clergy
  • Family dining
  • Unlimited visiting hours
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Physician availability
  • Discharge planning to provide follow-up home health counseling, if needed
  • Dental consultation

Who benefits from the Swing Bed Program?

  • Patients — The patient is allowed to remain in his or her community while still receiving the best possible care. Being in the same community enables the patient to keep in touch with families, friends and familiar surroundings.
  • Families — Too often families are separated because patients must go to a larger community, perhaps many miles from their homes, in order to gain admission to a nursing home. Visiting them in these circumstances is expensive and is often quite difficult to see the patient as often as one would like. By utilizing the Swing Bed Program, the patient may receive the skilled care they require without breaking close family ties.
  • Community — Community resources are better utilized with the Swing Bed Program. Community healthcare needs for the elderly will be expanded under this program.

Advantages of the Swing Bed Program

Patients will be given the best care in a hospital setting and with the possibility of being seen more frequently by their physician.

The Swing Bed Program will better utilize hospital staff, services and beds, thus making the hospital more cost effective. In some areas, it may even ensure the continued existence of the rural hospital.

Financial Information

The Swing Bed Program stay can be paid in a variety of ways, commercial insurance, medicare, medicaid, workmen's compensation or self pay. Also some nursing home insurance policies pay for Swing Bed care. Our insurance department can answer any questions you may have. The cost of the Swing Bed Program per day is comparable to nursing home costs.

For more information on the Swing Bed Program, contact
Rachel, RN, Director of Nursing
Amy LaVallie, LSW